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Date: 30.05.2012 09:02

SKY Meeting 2012 - International and future-oriented

Successful event: The SKY Meeting of the bredent group

At the end of April bredent Co. hosted an event in Munich to celebrate the 10 the anniversary of the SKY implant system. The response was overwhelming: almost 1000 participants from 45 countries joined the event and rendered the appropriate recognition to the congress.

"With the change in demographics, the need for dental replacements is increasing rapidly"; Peter Brehm (General Manger of the bredent group) started his speech with these motivating words and opened the congress. If you trust this statement, we can all look forward to a promising future since this development will bring dental practices and laboratories a multitude of patients with high life expectancy and high demands on esthetic restorations.

The participants of the SKY Meeting were able to benefit from the know-how of numerous reputed international experts from various fields of dentistry and dental techniques. Those who were already present on Thursday were able to listen to the speech of the skilled team of lecturers - Prof. Selim Pamuk and Prof. Aslan Gökbuget (University of Istanbul/Turkey). They shared their results of 3D planning methods with the audience and demonstrated once more how to avoid or solve clinical problems through the use of state-of-the-art technology and procedures. Based on the example of the SKYplanX software, the benefits of 3D planning for the clinical team were illustrated. Prof. Dr. Aslihan Üşümez, who also comes from Turkey, attended the congress, too. She is a professor at the University of Istanbul and talked about a completely different subject: "How can we support function and esthetics using light energy?" There are different opinions and views concerning the latest results of laser-tissue interaction and laser wavelengths used. In her speech, the lecturer spoke about the antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT). This method uses a laser in combination with a photoactive dye to treat bacterial infections. Friday's program started with a historical overview. Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang (NY) reported on the development process of the SKY implant system, in which both surgical and prosthetic aspects had been integrated ten years ago. The mono-platform of the system enables simple and economic fabrication of prosthetic restorations. This basic philosophy was advanced systematically by adding new product lines and abutment components.

Practical benefits
Participants, however, could not only benefit from the speeches/lectures of the main podium. Dr. Sigurd Hafner (LMU Munich) and Dr. Jörg Neugebauer (private lecturer, Landsberg/Lech) spoke about a popular topic, which will gain even more significance in the future. The subject of their speech was the avoidance of peri-implant infections and treatment of such infections. Bacteria and their pathogenic interaction in the biofilm are known to be the main cause for such problems. The lecturers pointed out that disinfection before the implantation is already considered an effective approach to ensuring long term success of implants. In particular, groups with a higher risk profile need to take special care and adopt special measures from the outset to ensure implant placement is successful. The experience gained from dealing with infections, which are extremely difficult to treat, such as bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis, has paved the way for safe treatment during routine interventions. In their workshop, Dr. Hafner and Dr. Neugebauer outlined evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic measures and discussed their results and experiences. It is a fact that the assessment of individual risk profiles and the use of special minimally invasive antibacterial measures (photodynamic therapy with the HELBO® system) during both initial and maintenance therapies contribute to achieving long term success in dentoalveolar surgery.

But the podium "Implant Prosthetics" offered some highlights as well. J. de San José González (ODM, Weinheim), for example, gave a lecture on the relevance and the target of achieving a perfect design of the emergence profile. The experienced dental technician talked about individualized CAD/CAM abutments in an easily understandable manner. In their presentation, Muzafar Bajwa (MSc., Frankfurt/Main) and Jürgen Freitag (ODM, Bad Homburg) convinced the audience of a new innovative material for implant prosthetics. Bio HPP is a water-insoluble high-performance polymer and perfectly suitable for the CNC milling technique. In an informative dialogue, the lecturers described the application range of the material (bre.CAD, for example) and focused on the material properties and esthetics. Using various patient cases, they demonstrated their procedure very accurately and described in detail how they achieve perfect functional and esthetic solutions.

Presentations like these give a promising outlook into the future. During the congress, the bredent group was able to impress the visitors with their concepts and products. Well-matched product lines and carefully selected opinion leaders contribute to the modern and future-oriented image of the company.

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