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Date: 22.04.2013 13:55

mini2SKY 3.2 – improved stability and more prosthetic options

miniSKY implants are being used successfully in dental implantology for more than five years now It is obvious that the existing miniSKY in the upper jaw through the very narrow diameter of 2.8 mm is practical only for patients who are toothless in the lower jaw too. The reason for this is the thin cortical bones that cannot support the miniSKY implant adequately. (Poster white et al. Scientific Book 2012).

The new mini²SKY 3.2 implant was developed on the basis of this insight. With its fortified Titanium core, it guarantees sufficient stability in the upper jaw – even if the lower jaw still has some teeth, or is also provided with implants. For mini²SKY 3.2, the miniSKY locator is used to fix the dental prosthesis, which – due to its attractive price/performance ratio and the very low expenditure incurred on fixing the prosthesis – has developed into a successful product since its introduction.
The precision torx of the implant fixing connection in mini²SKY 2.8 and mini²SKY 3.2 is identical; all
existing abutments can be used. For casting, an appropriate casting abutment is offered for the open spoon, with the help of which the external precision torx is transferred to the model accurately and reliably.

The dental prosthetics programme will be expanded in the summer of 2013 with the new mini²SKY abutment, with the help of which individual abutments can be fabricated for plugging narrow gaps on the basis of familiar procedures used in the dental laboratory.

These important additions and enhancements will enable miniSKY to still satisfy more aged patients, because they can masticate again with a fixed prosthesis and mix with people again.

The bredent group is an internationally-active, family-run company.

It develops and produces optimally coordinated stand-alone products, system solutions (e.g. in implant prosthetics) and "Made in Germany" treatment concepts. These enable dentists and dental technicians to produce and maintain high-quality, cost-effective aesthetic restorations that ensure periodontal hygiene.

The bredent group strives to be amongst the best. That is why the employees are always ready to deliver excellence for our clients and their patients, with the necessary flexibility and openness.

With its expertise and innovative drive, the bredent group is the paradigm for the dental market.

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