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Date: 02.06.2014 15:28

Photodynamic therapy in periodontitis and peri-implantitis The HELBO® method: scientifically proven, delegable and reimbursable

For many years the use of photodynamic therapy (PDT) in combatting bacterial infections of the oral cavity has been an innovative topic in dentistry. Meanwhile, a whole range of product concepts are being marketed under this general term and an increasing number of "PDT" providers are flooding the market. The best clinically tested photodynamic method among these is the market-leading "HELBO® therapy" which has been scientifically investigated and documented in various capacities for more than twelve years.

There are numerous "Photodynamic" (PDT) therapies on the market. The increasing response from dentists is that it has become difficult to differentiate between every available product and to gain a thorough understanding of all these concepts which offer varying dyes and light sources. This is why concrete clinical data confirming the effectiveness of each available treatment is becoming increasingly important. The experts agree that individual results certainly can't be applied to every system, due to a large amount of variation between product concepts and components.

The leader on the market in terms of scientific research is the "HELBO® therapy". Over 60 publications, including international publications of randomised clinical trials from across the globe, give supporting evidence for this therapy- which will also be presented at the bredent group days 2014 meeting. Renowned scientists will be presenting their trial results - among them Prof. Dr. Dr. Anton Sculean, Prof. Dr. Arthur Novaes and Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun. The impressive quality of these scientific studies has already left a lasting impression. For example, the working group of Prof. Dr. Dr. Sculean was awarded the "1st Prize for Graduate Research in European Federation of Periodontology 2013" by the EFP in March 2014 for the article "Anti-infective therapy of peri-implantitis with adjunctive local drug delivery or photodynamic therapy: six month outcomes of a prospective randomized clinical trial", published in Clinical Oral Implants Research 2013 Jan;24(1):104-10.

The HELBO® therapy reduces infection-causing pathogenic bacteria by over 99 %, completely without side effects. In this therapy, the micro-organisms are first stained (HELBO® Blue Photosensitizer) and then exposed with the HELBO® TheraLite Laser®, a non-thermally acting laser. The laser light forms highly reactive singlet oxygen which leads to lipid oxidation of the bacteria's membrane, rapidly destroying the disease-causing bacteria. The method is pain-free, without side effects and, in many cases, eliminates the need for invasive measures which patients will be less willing to accept.

Following evaluation of the scientific data, DKV, one of the largest German health insurers, issued a recommendation for the reimbursement of photodynamic treatment. This is certainly a milestone in the application of this therapy for the treatment of biofilm-associated oral infections. The basic prerequisite for a reimbursement is that the therapy used complies with specific requirements. For example, it is mandatory that all materials used in the treatment are sterile.

The HELBO® therapy method has met these criteria for a long period of time and has gained full approval in conjunction with the evidence supporting its effectiveness.

Information on HELBO® therapy is available at:

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