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Date: 24.11.2014 14:27

bredent group days SKY Meeting 2014, Berlin 22- 24 May 2014 Perfect implant-retained solutions through the use of innovative materials and technologies

Around 1,000 participants from 30 countries travelled to Berlin in May for the bredent group days 2014 meeting to participate in the main conference and international panel discussions. "Perfect implant prosthetic solutions through the use of innovative materials and technologies" was once again the mantra directed towards dental teams consisting of implantologists, prosthodontists and dental technicians. Interdisciplinary collaboration is at the core of the bredent group, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its foundation this year. Back in 1974, the focus was on dental laboratory solutions; however, the bredent group transformed itself in 2005 with the foundation of bredent medical and, in recent years, has become a provider of comprehensive system solutions and therapy concepts in the implant prosthetics sector.

In his opening address, the company founder and managing director, Peter Brehm expressed his heartfelt thanks to the practitioners and dental technicians for their personal cooperation, which has been a great success, and commented on the relevance of the theme, "Health starts in the mouth". According to the latest studies, a growing number of adults suffer from moderate-to-severe periodontitis. This is triggered by pathogenic bacteria due to a complex predisposition in the biofilm. The consequences of this disease are not purely limited to the oral cavity. For instance, today there is scientific confirmation that periodontal problems are linked to many general diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke and even premature births. Peter Brehm underlined the new challenges arising for teams of dentists, dental technicians and industrial partners. According to Peter Brehm, there is a clear common mission: To provide treatment concepts and systems which support established methods of  preserving oral health and hygiene in particular on the one hand and, on the other, to restore oral health over the long term with easy-to-clean, functional and aesthetic dental restorations.

"Healthier", "faster", "natural" and "better" are the four qualities that the bredent group is committed to providing in its therapies and system solutions. These four qualities were recurrent in the international panel discussions and were  focal topics during the two days of main conference. The most central theme was "Photodynamic therapy in periodontitis and peri-implantitis: The HELBO® method which controls infections in the oral cavity, which is scientifically documented, delegable and reimbursable", which was highlighted in various important presentations and workshops. The highlight here was the Excellence Course, "Excellence in biofilm management and regeneration" by Prof. Anton Sculean from Switzerland. Just recently, he and his team were awarded the "1st Prize for Graduate Research in European Federation of Periodontology 2013" from the EFP for the study "Anti-infective therapy of peri-implantitis with adjunctive local drug delivery or photodynamic therapy: six month outcomes of a prospective randomized clinical trial", published in Clinical Oral Implants Research 2013 Jan;24(1):104-10. In the Excellence Course he showed the results of this recently conducted randomised, clinically-controlled study, which indicates that the use of photodynamic therapy (PDT) may offer a valuable alternative to local antibiotics for patients diagnosed with incipient peri-implantitis. For the first time, the study succeeded in showing that the use of PDT in conjunction with a non-surgical therapy can lead to clinical, microbiological and immunological outcomes comparable to a non-surgical therapy followed by the use of minocycline. This new data appears highly promising, as the use of PDT is not associated with an increase in resistance, which presents a strong argument against the use of antibiotics. Prof. A. Novaes from Brazil and Dr. S. Hafner from Munich captivated the audience with their impressive scientific and clinical results from their many years of experience using this innovative therapy.

Under the banner "Bionics - Only nature is more natural", the latest results and experiences of BioHPP "material evolution" were presented. BioHPP (high performance polymer) is a new, PEEK-based, ceramic-reinforced material that exhibits outstanding quality in dental implementation due to its stability, its mechanical properties and low plaque-affinity. In various presentations, the microbiological aspects, clinical performance and aesthetic results of BioHPP abutments were presented and their use for implant-retained restorations was compared with that of titanium. It is apparent that BioHPP is a suitable restoration material for gingiva formers and prosthetic abutments, and that it can offer a real alternative to titanium. Its use for single tooth restoration was also outlined, whereby BioHPP is pressed onto a titanium base without any gaps. These abutments, branded as SKY elegance, can be fabricated both individually in the form of a tooth by the dental technician or used prefabricated in the approved SKY elegance form. Both methods open up a multitude of new applications for the user: As SKY elegance abutments are 'one-time abutments', this means that they are used for both the temporary and permanent restoration without being screwed out, and also as crown abutments, whereby the SKY elegance abutment is veneered directly with the visio.lign system, forming a monolithic unit, which is screwed directly on the occlusal surface.

The use of BioHPP has also been investigated with the well-known and trusted therapy, "SKY fast & fixed". In the Excellence Course from Dr. Georg Bayer and dental technician Stephan Adler "Excellence in Reconstruction – SKY fast & fixed – safe & successful dental office", a step-by-step guide to the SKY fast & fixed concept was presented in detail. The SKY elegance abutments - the pre-fabricated direct abutments with BioHPP - highlight this elegant procedure for performing an immediate restoration.

Last but not least, the aspects of veneering with visio.lign in the dental lab and patients' experience gathered from recall were revealed: the positive effects and experiences from five years use of the visio.lign veneer system were presented in a workshop, in addition to the possibilities arising from the digital workflow with new materials and techniques.

Certainly, a notable highlight was the Gala Party held on the Friday evening in the ADAGIO nightclub. Here, bredent celebrated its 40th anniversary in high spirits. The celebratory evening, along the well-attended conference, are a testament to the bredent group's success story. We can look forward to the following (40) years with anticipation and optimism.

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The bredent group is an international, family-run company.

The bredent group develops and manufactures perfectly complimenting individual products and system solutions, innovating in the fields of implant prosthetics and “Made in Germany” therapeutic concepts. These products enable dentists and dental technicians to produce and obtain high-quality, favourably-priced aesthetic dental restorations which ensure periodontal hygiene.

The bredent group sets itself among the best. That's why its employees are always committed to providing the highest level of service to customers and their patients, with core values of openness, honesty and flexibility.

Thanks to its competence and innovative power, the bredent group is a leading example in the dental market.

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