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Date: 15.06.2015 10:49

IDS 2015: bredent group – WE ARE ONE

The primary goal of the bredent group is to offer patients the best possible treatment. To achieve this, the bredent group offers complete solutions directly from one source. The cooperation between both companies, bredent and bredent medical, is at the forefront of this ideology. With the new slogan „WE ARE ONE“, the bredent group will present itself at the IDS 2015 as an interdisciplinary market-leading provider of holistic therapies and system solutions, as well as a resource for dentists and dental technicians- especially in the fields of immediate restoration and physiological prosthetics using advanced materials from modern hybrid materials.

One consortuim- one philosophy- one team- one goal: the best possible treatment for patients!

The bredent group is made up of bredent medical for implantology and dentistry and bredent for dental technology. These two affiliated companies make up the bredent group and, with their years of experience in implant prosthetics, these companies have been able to establish themselves as providers of holistic therapies and system solutions

As an expert in the fields of immediate restoration and plastics, especially in prosthodontics with physiological properties such as shock absorption or biocompatibility, the bredent group will present itself at the IDS 2015 under the slogan „WE ARE ONE“ as a capable partner for dental teams comprising dentists and dental technicians who work in these disciplines.

  •  Physiological prosthetics,
    - BioHPP – Surpassed by nature only. The material evolution for framework structures and hybrid abutments.
    - visio.lign veneer system – unbeatably beautiful. Naturally feeling teeth, veneers und individualisations in a single system.

  • Immediate restoration
    - SKY fast & fixed therapy for patients with potentially edentulous jaws. Problem-free fixed bridges – one session is all it takes.
    - BioHPP SKY elegance abutments: an effective one-tooth immediate restoration for patients with high demands. An immediate restoration with no abutment change.
    - Antimicrobial photodynamic HELBO-Therapy controls bacterial infections. The basis for a successful immediate restoration – proven to preserve teeth and implants.

  • Plus the intergration of these therapies and system solutions in the digital workflow.

These system solutions allow dentists and dental technicians to work together economically and harmoniously, as they offer an increase in efficiency and process reliability. They also ensure long-lasting patient satisfaction, thanks to the best possible treatments.

The bredent group is an international, family-run company.

The bredent group develops and manufactures perfectly complimenting individual products and system solutions, innovating in the fields of implant prosthetics and “Made in Germany” therapeutic concepts. These products enable dentists and dental technicians to produce and obtain high-quality, favourably-priced aesthetic dental restorations which ensure periodontal hygiene.

The bredent group sets itself among the best. That's why its employees are always committed to providing the highest level of service to customers and their patients, with core values of openness, honesty and flexibility.

Thanks to its competence and innovative power, the bredent group is a leading example in the dental market.

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Head of Marketing & Communication
bredent medical
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Milko Wrona
Head of Marketing & Communication
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