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Date: 19.04.2016 10:36

BioHPP SKY elegance - The smart type of single tooth immediate restoration -

With BioHPP SKY elegance, the bredent group offers an innovative and new prosthetic option for im-mediate restoration of single teeth. Since BioHPP SKY elegance both provides the flexibility of a temporary plastic abutment and the durable implant-superstructure connection of a definitive abut-ment, replacement of the abutment is no longer required (one-time therapy). The resulting advantage lies in the fact that adhered soft tissue is not destroyed. The elasticity of the high performance polymer BioHPP that features a gap-free bond with a titanium base ensures reliable osseointegration during the healing phase and the screw that is seated in titanium creates a durable and stable connection. Various clinical studies have demonstrated that BioHPP enables better soft tissue apposition than titanium.

The immediate restoration of single tooth gaps with an implant and BioHPP SKY elegance does not depend on the time of implant placement and immediate implant placement, delayed immediate implant placement or late implant placement can be carried out. In numerous cases, this offers patients an attractive alternative to conventional three-unit bridges and even eliminates the loss of healthy tooth substance.

Initially, a temporary crown can be seated in esthetically challenging areas to shape the gingiva. Then the definitive crown can be inserted without replacing the abutment. The impression can be taken in the usual way or using an intra-oral scanner (digital). If adequate primary stability exists, the definitive crown (crown abutment) can immediately be seated in esthetically less challenging areas.

BioHPP SKY elegance is available for the SKY implant system as prefabricated abutments in the form of the SKY esthetic line but also as individual abutments, which are either pressed with the for2press system in the laboratory or made of BioHPP SKY elegance prefab using suitable CAD/CAM systems. The BioHPP elegance titanium bases for the for2press system are also available for the nine most common implant systems.

If CAD/CAM fabrication is linked with 3D implant planning and guided implant placement, it is now possible - based on the data of 3D planning - to fabricate the individual abutment and the correspond-ing crown already prior to surgery.

The bredent group is an internationally operating, family-run company.

The bredent group develops perfectly matched individual products as well as system solutions, for example in the field of implant prosthetics, and therapeutic concepts "Made in Germany" and manufactures them to enable dentists and dental technicians to fabricate and receive high-quality, favorably-priced esthetic dental restorations which ensure periodontal hygiene.

It is the claim of the bredent group to be among the best. That is why the male and female employees are always willing to provide top-quality service for our customers and their patients with the necessary flexibility and openness.

Thanks to their competence and innovative capacity, the bredent group is a role model in the dental market.

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