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Patient information


Smile again… With dental implants!

The brochure gives an overview about “How does implantation work” and “Which therapies are possible for

  • closing a single tooth gap,
  • potentially edentulous jaws and
  • denture fixation”.

...gapless... Aesthetic restoration

Patients with good residual dentition, for whom the implant restorations are used to close gaps when there is loss of a single tooth or edentulous spaces.

tempting... Stable teeth: immediately!

Patients who are about to lose their teeth and who feel too young to wear dentures, whether implant-supported or not. the thick of it...

Edentulous patients with ill-fitting dentures, who have often resigned themselves to their supposed fate, are given a new quality of life with an implant-supported restoration – either an economic hybrid prosthesis or an expensive removable bridge.

A healthy mouth for your whole life

The HELBO treatment with dye and laser light offers painless and rapid application. It is a purely local treatment to destroy the bacteria and fungi which cause inflammation and, most importantly, has no negative side effects.

whiteSKY patient info about zirconium implants

The second set of teeth is unique! Loss of a tooth - in particular in the area of the incisors - does not only affect eating and speaking but reduces your self-confidence, ...

More Quality of Life - back to healthy sleeping

Only few patients know that your dentist is a competent contact when it comes to solving snoring problems.