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SKYplanX - 3D implant planning
Why is a 3D computer-assisted planning important before the implantation?

1. Aesthetics

  • Predictable aesthetic results in prosthetics due to backwards planning (aesthetic fitting; scan prosthesis made following this principle, then implant planning based on the manufactured scan prosthesis with all aesthetic information)
2. Safety
  • Safety for the dental staff and patient
  • Minimally invasive non-traumatic surgery for the patient
  • For the implanting dentist, the possibility of keeping more difficult cases in his/her practice
  • Legal foundations: Requirement to inform the patient
3. Efficiency
  • Less time-consuming operation for dental staff and patient
  • In planned immediate care, fewer sittings for patient and thus the possibility of generating more patients
  • Predictable costs

The Advantages of the SKYplanX Planning System
  • An open system for planning any implant system
  • No license renewal and additional licensing costs, the added value remains with the customer
  • Automatic nerve recognition
  • Possibility of controlling the drilling template before and after preparation
  • Transversal and horizontal 3D cut in any place of the 3D image
  • The software processes the entire volume data record, resulting in an outstanding pictorial representation true to the original so soft tissue management is possible too
  • Possibility of linking up as many members of the dental as desired to a system offering planning alternatives
  • Network-capable
  • Support with netviewer connection