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  • User comments on

    Dr. Bernd Siewert
    Madrid, Spain
    If an implant is not supplied with a temporary, the impression can be taken only once the gingiva is removed with an Eletrotom. Work is conducted very easily with the new prosthetic caps here, because they make precisely fitting foundations for the temporaries.

    Impression and model are made with the new prefabricated impression caps and laboratory analogues; these work for circularly ground whiteSKY implants as simply and precisely as for two-piece implant systems.
  • User comments on

    Dr. Igor Borrmann
    Kornwestheim, Germany
    Unfortunately, the patient returned only sporadically for check ups and prophylaxis appointments, which surely was not beneficial for his state of oral hygiene. Nevertheless, two years following prosthetic rehabilitation, the situation is very satisfying in regard of red and white esthetics. It is clearly visible that the papillae have nicely reestablished.
  • User comments on

    Dr. Jörg Neugebauer
    University of Cologne, Germany
    During our studies, we have detected that zirconium implants perform just like titanium implants, which means the same safety precautions should be taken as a basis. For that reason, we insert onestage implants in the same way as immediate load implants.

    • Very precise preoperative planing
    • Sufficient amount of bone
    • Two-step augmentative method, if necessary
    • Primary stability of 30 to 45 Ncm
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Natural Beauty

Your patients‘ demands on the esthetic appearance of prosthetic restorations are growing. The new tooth-colored whiteSKY zirconium dioxide implant made by bredent medical meets your patients‘ high demands on esthetics. No dark shades will affect the beauty of the restoration. Perfect results will be achieved even in cases of low gingiva height. Lasting satisfaction of your patients with whiteSKY implants is ensured and your patients will recommend you - there is no bigger compliment patients can pay!

A growing number of patients have developed allergies to metals; the whiteSKY zirconium implant represents a reliable alternative for this group of patients. The absence of metals protects your patients against undesired negative reactions.

The material is perfectly suited for implant since it features a strength that is three times higher than that of titanium, exhibits ideal elasticity and long-term resistance to fracture. Scientific studies have showed that it features the same characteristics as comparable titanium surfaces as far as osseointegration is concerned. 

Thanks to the one-piece design of the implant, it is always suitable for immediate loading, i.e. the same requirements as those for an immediately loaded titanium implant need to be fulfilled such as sufficient bone volume, adequate primary stability and connecting to adjacent teeth or to other whiteSKY implants