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    Dr. Andreas Saal
    Hamburg, Germany
    Numerous scientific tests demonstrate that more than 70 % of full and partial dentures in patients over 70 are inadequate and reduce quality of life considerably. These persons can be easily treated with miniSKY implants and an implant-supported denture. In my practice I was able to recognize that the general state of health of these grateful patients also im- proved substantially.
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Stable denture in the atrophied jaw

The high consumption of denture adhesive cream shows that most dentures do not fit properly. In most cases this can not be attributed to the quality of the denture but to increasing bone resorption and the associated change of the soft tissue (gingiva). Numerous denture wearers have given up and to not visit their dentist's practice any longer although they suffer considerably since they do no believe in a permanent solution. 

The use of mini1SKY implants enables you to offer these patients considerably improved quality of life in a simple manner and without major surgical procedures.