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SKY Implant system - Titanium
SKY Titanimplantate

Restore standard cases quickly and reliably with a few pre-assembled parts and resolve challenging cases just as easily with individual solutions - that is the essence of the SKY implant system. blueSKY, SKY classic and narrowSKY implants form the basis for this prosthetic concept. These prosthetic solutions are offered with two platforms – narrow and regular – whereby it is important that all the abutments suitable for the narrow platform can also be used on the regular platform by means of platform switching.

All SKY implants have a long tube-in-tube connection with Torx®, which allows a durable and reliable connection from the implant to the abutment. This connection avoids screw loosening and breakage, as it ensures optimal even load distribution of the masticatory forces between the screw and the abutment. With low residual rotation as a result of improved precision with the same manufacturing tolerances, a lifelong connection is guaranteed, in contrast with an internal hexagon and surface connection. The defined vertical height enables easy establishment of the passive fit, even for large constructions.

The neck area of the SKY classic implant is designed relatively long with a refined area of 1.5 mm and an etched surface of only of 0.5 mm - offering perfect conditions for the attachment of connective tissue and epithelium. For this reason, the SKY classic implant is only placed supracrestal. This particularly favours transgingival insertion of the SKY classic implants, whereby the soft tissue is not opened up to form a flap. The SKY classic can also be used as a short 6 mm implant, whereby it is only inserted into the bone up to the end of the blasted and etched surface.

SKY classic
Im Halsbereich ist das SKY classic Implantat so gestaltet, dass es durch seinen relativ langen, veredelten Bereich von 1,5 mm und einen Bereich von 0,5 mm von nur geätzter Oberfläche optimale Voraussetzungen für die Anlagerung des Bindegewebes und des Epitels bietet. Daher wird das SKY classic Implantat supracrestal gesetzt. Daraus ergibt sich die besonders die transgingivale Insertion der SKY classic Implantate, bei der das Weichgewebe nicht aufgeklappt wird. Außerdem kann das SKY classic als kurzes 6-mm-Implantat verwendet werden, in dem es nur bis zum Ende der gestrahlt und geätzten Oberfläche in den Knochen inseriert wird.

narrowSKY is the implant for narrow gaps in single tooth restoration or for the severely atrophied jaw or where augmentation should be avoided. The surface is designed like blueSKY, so it is also inserted iso-crestal. The red-gold cover screw makes identification in the mouth easier and all abutments of the SKY implant system with the same colour are indicated for restoration of the narrowSKY implants.

Surgical tray
The SKY implant system surgical tray can be used for inserting both the SKY classic, blueSKY and diameter-reduced narrowSKY titanium implants, as well as the non-metal zirconium implant white SKY. This simplifies workflows in the practice and enhances process reliability. Treatment costs and times are reduced considerably. In addition, it is therefore possible to switch from one implant to another intraoperatively.