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SKY fast & fixed
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  • User comments on
    SKY fast & fixed

    Dres. Kistler, Dr. Georg Bayer
    Landsberg am Lech, Germany
    SKY fast & fixed is a highly attractive product for our practice since it allows to standardize the work processes and facilitates after-treatment considerably because the fixed bridge avoids the formation of pressure spots which may cause non-scheduled patient visits. Moreover we have found out that patients take more time to receive the definitive restoration but also prefer restorations with a higher quality.
  • User comments on
    SKY fast & fixed

    Stephan Adler
    Landsberg am Lech, Germany
    The fabrication of a fixed bridge within a short time is a challenge for all dental technicians which can be met by standardization and the use of modern materials and techniques. A standard routine can be obtained after a limited number of restorations, which also provides room for details.
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Extraction - Implantation - Immediate fixed bridge



Immediate restorations with a reduced number of implants

Conceptual background and clinical results In this book, the authors present an innovative implantological treatment approach that enables the immediate restoration of edentulous jaws with a fixed dental prosthesis. The key to this approach is the use of angled implants in the posterior area, which provide stable support for the restoration with a reduced number of implants, even in atrophied jaws.

In addition to the clinical and technical foundations of SKY fast & fixed approach, the book presents the various options available for prosthetic restoration and the outstanding clinical result that have been achieved to date.

128 pages, 310 color illustrations
REF 9929710GB

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Numerous patients who are facing edentulousness want to have a fixed restoration without extension augmentation procedures and at affordable costs.

The use of SKY fast & fixed enables you to offer your patients
  • extraction
  • implantation
  • and temporary restoration
in a single day so that they are enabled to eat immediately after surgery and participate in social life.

Thanks to angular placement of the implants, the local bone can be made optimal use of and perfect biomechanical support of the restoration is achieved. Immediate loading of the restoration is enabled in combination with the connection of the bridge. The perfectly matched materials allow to fabricate the temporary restoration in less than 2 hours.

Accurate planning of time and costs is achieved by the standardized procedure and both the practice and the patient will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises. Moreover the temporary restoration ensures that the patient only needs to visit the practices on the scheduled dates and that there is sufficient time to complete the definitive restoration.