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SKY esthetic line
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SKY esthetic line
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    SKY esthetic line

    Dr. Michael Weiss
    OPUS·DC Ulm, Germany
    Ever since the first time I used the SKY system, I have always demanded that abutments should be available to also achieve an aesthetic design of the temporary restoration in a simple manner. A major advantage for me, as a surgeon, is that the caVex design ensures perfect attachment of the gingiva and simultaneously this design offers my dental laboratory numerous possibilities to fabricate restorations as it is demonstrated by the following example.
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Surgically and prosthetically optimized

The patients' demands on esthetics have increased considerably during the past few years. Special abutments render work much easier in order to fulfill these demands. The different requests of the surgeons and the dental technicians, however, need to be satisfied and balanced in this process:
  • Dental technicians want to have an abutment which can be very easily individualized deep in the sulcus to ensure perfect esthetics  
  • Surgeons want to have an abutment which offers large vertical and horizontal space for gingival attachment
In the SKY esthetic line, both requirements were reconciled with only four abutments thanks to the combination of the concave and convex design. Additionally, the SKY esthetic abutments feature a special surface with mircrogrooves for optimized gingival attachment.