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    Dr. Anne Gresskowski
    Nürnberg, Germany
    The SKY abutment offers us a therapeutic concept to achieve excellent red-white esthetic in a very reliable manner. The concept includes conditioning of the soft tissue after the extraction, sulcus design with SKY temp for the temporary restoration and the esthetically designed restoration with an individual abutment based on SKY
  • User comments on

    ZTM Bernhard Stühler
    Nürnberg, Germany
    What I like most is the fact that a comprehensive system has been developed and not just a single abutment. I can easily build up the shape of the abutment with the light-curing composite compoForm UV and smoothen the surface with SERACOLL UV later on. We frequently use the possibility of try-in in situ to further optimize the design/shape before the fabrication the definitive restoration. In our laboratory we use a CAD/CAM system to fabricate the individual zirconium abutment which is luted to the titanium base after conditioning.
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Laboratory-made individual abutment

Individual abutments are considered the ultimate solution to fulfill the increasing demands of patients made on implant restorations. With SKY, we offer an abutment which enables every laboratory to fabricate individual abutments for the SKY implant system and to retain revenue in the lab.

The industrially manufactured titanium adhesive base creates the required precision in the implant-abutment connection. The plastic sleeve facilitates the work for the laboratory and all fabrication methods can be used
  • CAM or CAD/CAM
  • Copy milling
  • Sintering technique
  • Casting technique
Even when it comes to selecting the materials, all options are available to the laboratory - from zirconium to titanium and gold.