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SKY Locator®
... Quality of Life in Old Age

Many scientific studies have shown that seniors have poorly fitting dentures. 70% of the time they fit either badly or not at all.

The main reason is bone loss, which even in very well fitted dentures leads to fitting problems after a few months, i.e. patients have difficulties when they eat or speak. Although they return a couple of times for relining, the problems start again after a short time, so they give up and the dental office loses them as customers.

As long as there is enough bone available, these patients can be helped quickly and easily by fixing the denture through SKY implants with SKY Locator®.

Thanks to the low mounting height and the various retention inserts, SKY Locator® can be outstandingly adapted to the patient’s individual needs so that the denture not only remains safely in place but can also be easily and quickly removed for leaning and put back on.