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HELBO® Photodynamic Systems

Treatment success – scientifically documented

Pathogenic bacteria are the main cause of failure in dentistry! Studies have shown that the biofilm provides a safe habitat for them. A phenomenon called „Quorum Sensing“ enables bacteria to communicate with one another and coordinate their activities. The more mature the biofilm, the more resistant the bacteria within it become.

Mechanical cleaning and rinsing solutions do not adequately destroy the bacteria in the biofilm. Even strong antibiotics seldom provide sustainable success. There are, however, side effects, interactions with other medications and the risk of resistance when using antibiotics.

Pathogenic bacteria increase the risk of many kinds of diseases:
  • Periodontitis and periimplantitis
  • Endodontitis
  • Caries
  • Alveolar ostitis following tooth extraction
  • Bone necrosis, for example following administration of bisphosphonates
  • Inadequate healing following apicoectomy
  • Residual ostitis (disturbed healing of an implant, in particular in the case of immediate implantation)

Winner of the award "Graduate Research in EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF PERIODONTOLOGY"

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