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SKY® System

SKY® System

SKY® fast & fixed

The new SKY® fast & fixed components are used for an optimum workflow and flawless immediate restoration of edentulous patients.
SKY® fast & fixed Abutments

Now with narrow platform and tapering

Tapering ensures
  • More space for the soft tissue
  • No collision with the bone when incorporating the abutment

SKY® closing pin
  • Prevents composites from flowing into the screw channel when restoring
  • Optimal sealing owing to the conical shape
  • POM prevents the sealing pin from fusing with the composites
SKY® fast & fixed / uni.cone prosthetic coping CAD/CAM
  • Slimline shape provides more space and ensures an aesthetic restoration
  • Defined step makes modelling easier for the dental technician
  • Stored in all major CAD programs
SKY® fast & fixed/uni.cone impression coping
  • For closed and screw-retained impressions
  • Can be used as an impression coping and gingiva former
  • Can be easily demoulded and precisely repositioned
SKY® fast & fixed / uni.cone snap coping
  • For closed impression
  • Simply clicked onto the abutment so that
  • the impression can be completed more quickly
SKY® prefab - For the individual production of CAD/CAM manufactured abutments

BioHPP® SKY®elegance prefab and SKY® prefab titanium are stored in all major CAD programs and feature a standard holder for CAM fabrication.
BioHPP SKY® elegance prefab

Cylindrical body made of BioHPP®* | Pressed onto a titanium base without any gaps
  • New improved shape for more freedom when shaping
  • Dentine shade 2 for a natural and aesthetic colour
  • Radio-opaque BioHPP® for improved X-ray control

*BioHPP® has excellent bionic properties. Its elasticity, which is similar to that of human bone,
protects the implant during the healing phase, but also in the long-term against overloading.

SKY® prefab titanium

Individual titanium abutments for an improved appearance
SKY® titanium abutments standard line

  • Can now also be used for narrowSKY implants
  • Platform switch for implants with regular platform
  • Available in 0°, 15° and 25°
SKY® impression abutments
  • Shoulder diameter S, M and L
  • Narrow platform
  • Impression, open tray, with excellent retention
  • Impression, closed tray, with improved repositioning
  • SKY® impression abutments S are used for impressions of SKY® titanium abutments standard line
Torque Wrench pro

  • Exact and highly precise read-out of torques
  • Simplifies the work process
  • Quickly mounted and easily removed for reprocessing
  • Quick and easy cleaning
SKY® Connector
  • For contra-angle instruments
  • Securely locks into the ratchet at the press of a thumb
  • Can be easily removed at the press of a thumb