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miniSKY System

miniSKY System

mini2SKY retention.loc

  • The solution for fixation of dentures by bredent medical
  • Integrated anti-rotation mechanism
  • Prevents screws from loosening
  • Optimised radii
  • Compatible with Zest Locator® matrices
  • Available in sizes of 2 and 4 mm

mini2SKY TiSi.snap with retention.sil prosthesis silicone

  • Optimal prosthesis retention
  • Friction can be selected in 3 hardness grades
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Existing prosthesis can be reused
  • Cost-effective option
mini2SKY scan abutment
  • For digital impressions
  • Customised constructions
  • You can find manufacturing data at
mini2SKY prefab titanium
  • Optimal solution for manufacturing individual abutments in the digital workflow
mini2SKY gingiva former
  • Soft tissue is precisely modelled
  • Available in sizes of 3 and 5 mm