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Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Full Range Driver Kit

(Available from Summer 2017)

  • Screwdriver with contra-angle connection for the most popular implant systems
  • Variable use with all ratchets via an adapter
  • Robust and practical storage box
  • Suitable for laboratories and practices


Perfect bonding of individual ceramic abutments

Full Range Bonding Kit


  • MKZ-Primer (titanium, zircon, NPM)
  • K-Primer (ceramic, disilicate)
  • (PMMA, composite, BioHPP®)


  • Opaque (colour A2 / A3)
  • Transparent



Chipping cases are easily and quickly restored

Chipping Repair Kit powered by visio.lign®

  • Intraoral and extraoral repair of chipping
  • K-Primer for all ceramic materials and disilicate
  • MKZ primer for titanium, zircon, NPM
  • crea.lign® composites in colours A2/A3



Sealing in the gaps between the abutment and the prosthetic restoration

flow.sil – microgap sealing

  • Disinfecting effect
  • Prevents or reduces bacterial colonisation
  • Prevents or reduces odour formation